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Key Benefits

  • Selection of Efficient Business Vehicles for the Specific Situation
  • Minimization of Taxes (Income and/or Estate), both Domestic and International
  • Achieve a High Level of Creditor Protection
  • Attention to both U.S. and non-U. S. rules, when appropriate

The Problem

Many legal entities exist in today's business environment.  Often the business owner is faced with the difficult task of choosing the proper structure without full consideration toward complex business and tax issues.  As an example, some of the entities one may chose from are:

  •         Proprietorship

  •         Corporations:

  •             "C" or regular

  •             "S" or pass-through

  •             "LLC" or Limited Liability Corporation

  •         Partnerships

  •             General

  •             Limited

  •             "LLP" or Limited Liability Partnership

  •             "FLP" or Family Limited Partnership

  •         Trusts

  •             "Grantor"

  •             "Pass-Through"

  •             "Marital Deduction"

  •             "Simple' versus "Complex"

  •         Estates

As can be seen from the listing above (not a complete list), each entity choice involves consideration toward the particular facts as well as satisfying the desires of the business-person.  Rees T. Bowen, P.C. assists in thinking straight and providing straight talk involving the following areas of Entity Structuring:

Description of Services:

Business Start-Ups

Most owners of new, start-up, businesses often focus on achieving initial success and neglect to also concentrate on the entity type that best suits the factual situation and environment.  As a result, significant savings are forever lost, including income tax on a federal, state and/or local level.  Rees T. Bowen, P.C. adds a perceptive to business start-ups that prevents such oversight.


As a business prospers and grows, it commonly may outlive its original structure.  Often some major tax implications of a restructuring are overlooked.  Rees T. Bowen, P.C. pays particular attention to the growth stages of a business, with a front-end view toward minimizing reorganizational efforts and difficulties.

Acquisitions, Divestitures, Mergers

Certainly in this day, all types of acquisitions are occurring at an ever-increasing pace.  Rees T. Bowen, P.C. has aided both buyers and sellers in this arena.  Our firm can assist you in a very cost-effective manner.

Liquidations and Wind-Downs

When a business winds down or is liquidated, often certain techniques to minimize all costs, including taxes, are not fully considered.  Rees T. Bowen, P.C. is equipped to assist in all aspects of a wind-down or liquidation.


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